Amy DiBona, PhD

QC Microbiologist


As QC Microbiologist, Dr. Amy DiBona manages many of the aspects of the microbiology testing at EDGE. Specifically, Dr. DiBona directs the team performing environmental monitoring, sterility and endotoxin testing, water testing, media fill analysis, and growth promotion for media validations. In addition, Dr. DiBona manages the stability program, sub-visible particle analysis, QA documentation reviews, and investigation report writing.

Dr. DiBona is an experienced research scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry and prior training at Harvard Medical School, UMASS Medical School, and the University of Vermont. She has experience in a wide range of microbiology testing methods including PCR, molecular cloning, fluorescence polarization, immunofluorescence, spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, and cell culture. Dr. DiBona’s work at EDGE plays an integral role in the production process. As a 503B Outsourcing Facility, EDGE is held to CGMP standards, one of the major components of which is the extensive testing of every product. With a catalog of over 100 standard products, and a policy of testing every batch, the EDGE microbiology team has a tremendous responsibility to our customers and their patients to ensure every dose is safe for use.

Selected Publications

BM Zee, BM, AB DiBona, AA Alekseyenko, CA French, and MI Kuroda. The Oncoprotein BRD4-NUT Generates Aberrant Histone Modification Patters. PLoS One (2016) 11 (10).

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