Joe Braun

Director of Operations


As Edge Pharma’s Director of Operations, Joe Braun oversees the day-to-day production activities within the manufacturing facility. This encompasses compounding operations, equipment development and validation, efficiency improvements, and many other strategic initiatives within the company. What Joe says he feels most passionately about, though, is team building -- creating an environment where employees are in the right positions and understand the crucial nature of their work; they challenge each other to become better by pulling together as a team, and have the time and discipline to do their best. 


Braun began his career at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals where he worked as a Quality Analyst and continued on to become a Validation Engineer. Later, he  joined the Twincraft Soap Company as VP of manufacturing where he was responsible for 120 employees in seven departments, including Quality, Engineering, and Manufacturing. Following his time at Twincraft, Joe spent much of his career at Mylan Technologies, a worldwide pharmaceutical company focusing on transdermal drug systems that deliver medication through adhesive patches. First as a QC Supervisor and ultimately as a Senior Packaging Development Specialist, Joe was responsible for Label Control continuous improvement and supplier product/process optimization. This included the integration of an electromechanical proofing system into the incoming and release processes coupled with the creation of a first article inspection process. He was also responsible, along with Engineering, for ensuring all packaging components were developed and optimized for manufacturing.


A native of Chazy, New York, Braun holds an associate’s degree in medical laboratory technology from Clinton Community College and a bachelor of science degree in laboratory science management from SUNY Empire State.