Joe Kummer, PhD

VP Engineering and Marketing


Dr. Joe Kummer, Vice President of Engineering and Marketing, directs both the engineering and marketing efforts at Edge Pharma. Although these two functions are typically very different, at Edge the key focus is the science. The company’s marketing effort is implemented from the standpoint that our customers are technical (doctors, pharmacy directors, nurse practitioners, dentists, and many other practitioners and support staff), and thus demand technical information, and not just the standard sales-pitch. Kummer works closely with the sales team to coordinate both the message, as well as dissemination of technical data, website development, tradeshows, and other aspects of the marketing effort.

On the engineering side, Kummer works with the production and science teams to help streamline, improve, and maintain a world-class pharmaceutical facility. He has a unique combination of technical experience covering a wide range of engineering and manufacturing disciplines. Kummer has helped develop dozens of products including unmanned air vehicles, military tactical gear, wind turbines, air purifiers, and factory automation robotics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics and PhD in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and has 10 issued patents, with several more pending. He has extensive experience in aerodynamics, structural mechanics, and composite materials, with over 15 years of experience utilizing analytical, finite element, and computational fluid dynamics tools to help design new products, as well as analyze currently existing systems.

Kummer has written several peer reviewed papers, most notably on the subject of cross-flow fan propulsion. He has been the principal investigator on multiple funded research efforts including an SBIR with NASA to develop a hybrid axial/cross-flow fan propulsion system for a transonic blended-wing-body aircraft. He also led an effort to develop a new type of personal air purifier under funding from the US EPA which resulted in two US patents.

At Edge Pharma, Kummer is bringing aerospace engineering to outsourced pharmaceutical manufacturing. He is applying his expertise in carbon fiber robotics design to help develop the next generation of pharmaceutical automation equipment. He is optimizing innovative shipping solutions to ensure safe, yet cost effective transport of compounded pharmaceutical doses. As one of the leading experts in fan design and room air filtration, Kummer is performing computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations to investigate cleanroom airflow. He is also improving production efficiency by developing custom equipment solutions. One example is the CFD investigation and optimization of magnetic stirring paddles for the processing of high viscosity gels.


Selected Publications and Patents


Kummer, Joseph D., Allred, JB, and Felder, James, “Hybrid Axial and Cross-Flow Fan Propulsion for Transonic Blended Wing Body Aircraft,” Presented at 48th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference in July 2012.

Kummer, Joseph D. and Dang, Thong Q., “High-Lift Propulsive Airfoil with Integrated Cross-Flow Fan,” Journal of Aircraft, Vol 43, No. 4, July-August 2006.

Cross-Flow Fan Propulsion System, US Patent #7,641,144, Issued Jan. 5, 2010.