Sarah Abdalla, PharmD

Quality Assurance Pharmacist


Sarah Abdalla, PharmD, has joined Edge Pharma as Quality Assurance Pharmacist, responsible for complaint handling. In this new position, Abdalla categorizes, investigates, and documents complaints, and develops plans for corrective measures. In addition to complaint handling, Abdalla reviews and approves quality documents and is responsible for submissions to state and federal entities.

Abdalla grew up in Nigeria and moved to the U.S. as a teenager. She earned a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry form Plattsburgh State University, a master of science degree in biochemistry from the University of Vermont, and a PharmD from Albany College of Pharmacy. Abadalla’s master’s thesis focused on the plasma protein Factor V and its role in blood coagulation. She has published articles in Nature, The Journal of Clinical Investigation, and The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry.

Before joining Edge, Abdalla was a research technician in the Department of Pathology at the University of Vermont, where she designed protein functionality assays and oversaw the human and animal cell culture facility. In addition, she conducted research for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. With her expertise in research and pharmacy, she adds a unique perspective within Edge Pharma.




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