Tyler Kallen

Operations Manager


As Operations Manager at Edge Pharma, Tyler Kallen enjoys the challenge of wearing a few hats. He works with Edge’s directors, providing them the resources they need to complete their work, and helping troubleshoot when a challenge arises. Kallen assists with process development when there is a new product being made on the floor. He also coordinates with suppliers and manufacturers. He stays in close touch with Edge’s sales team, prioritizing production schedules.

Kallen came to Edge in 2014, as one of the first technicians on the floor. He trained new technicians as they came on board, before moving into the logistics area of the company.

Prior to joining Edge, Kallen spent 12 years in the Vermont Air National Guard where he was a munitions specialist, managing the storage, maintenance, assembly, and disassembly of explosives kept on base and the removal and delivery of munitions from jets during maintenance.

While it may seem like a significant career change, the critical attention to detail required in his military job translates very well to the pharmaceutical world, Kallen says. “A great part of this job is control – not just of the final product but all the pieces and parts that go into it.” Like working in munitions, each component is essential, and all lots have to be tracked and traced. The precision is necessary in the event there is a problem at any stage in the production. At Edge, Kallen works closely with the Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments.

Kallen holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology.