Valerie Guilmette

Production Manager


As Production Manager, Valerie Guilmette collaborates with multiple departments including Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Operations, and the Sales/Marketing team. Guilmette coordinates all aspects of production in Edge Pharma’s sterile and nonsterile cleanrooms to ensure timely production of products and to meet customer demands.

Edge Pharma’s technicians are regularly tested on their competency and capabilities to perform all aspects of aseptic operations. Guilmette is responsible for conducting training and ensuring that employees performing critical aseptic processes are monitored and qualified to carry out the job. Processes are continuously examined, and Guilmette has been involved in many process improvements during the time she has been with the company.

Guilmette worked four years as a pharmacy technician before coming to Edge. She loves her work and is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern New Hampshire with a concentration in organizational leadership. Guilmette’s experience at Edge informs her studies. “I have been involved in so much growth here at Edge and I am constantly learning how to adapt, revise, and change. I want to offer solutions everybody can understand and benefit from. Learning how to translate my thoughts into organized actions to effectively improve the business and employment engagement is my ultimate goal.”