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We are now one organization offering a comprehensive suite of products and services for your immunotherapy program


Edge Pharma is an FDA registered 503 B Outsourcing Facility that offers health care providers comprehensive allergy products and services at competitive prices. Why Edge Pharma? Because we offer practitioners everything required to care for allergy patients: testing supplies and equipment, extracts for immunotherapy treatment in patient specific treatment sets, easy outsourcing of compounded treatment vials, and a streamlined software program which tracks patients as they progress through immunotherapy.

Brand new USP 797 standards have made in-office compounding more complicated and time consuming. Edge Pharma helps ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety. Our expert pharmacy staff specializes in preparing all kinds of immunotherapy formulations, utilizing a wide selection of extracts. In addition, we are an FDA-registered source for compounded allergy treatment sets.

If you are considering making a change, look to Edge Pharma as a complete allergy solution.

Orders are delivered to your office promptly, and all our products and services are supported by premier customer service. When you call Edge Pharma you’ll reach a knowledgeable professional who can help you with any concerns or questions.


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EDGE Pharma - FDA-registered 503B Outsourcing facility which specializes in compounding ready-to-administer patient specific immunotherapy treatment sets.

Call Edge Pharma: 802-992-1178


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Edge Pharmaceuticals - Distributor of a variety of critical products needed to build a compliant immunotherapy program including bulk allergenic extracts, diagnostic allergenic extracts, sterile empty vials, metered dose dropper bottles, skin testing supplies, and much more.

Call Edge Pharmaceuticals: 877-580-3343


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XTRACT Solutions - XTRACT is a complete allergy software package for managing all aspects of an allergy immunotherapy program.

Call Xtract Solutions: 503-902-1653


XTRACT Immunotherapy Software comprises six integrated modules that organize your allergy clinic: Test, Prescribe, Mix, Outsource, Inject, and Comply. With the new USP 797 requirements going into effect this year, XTRACT provides a low-cost way to ensure your practice is ready for the transition and in full compliance with compounding regulations. We are here to help with USP 797.

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  • Test provides for easy tracking of diagnostic skin testing.
  • Customizable to your practice.
  • Digitize your skin test and no longer use paper.
  • Enter results quickly via touch screen interface on tablet or monitor.
  • Electronic skin test results to EMR and easy printout for patient.
Order all of your skin testing supplies from Edge Pharmaceuticals.




  • Prescribe module aids formulation of allergy immunotherapy vials.
  • Ensures that all positive skin test results are added to Rx.
  • Easily calculate dilutions and maintenance vials.
  • Prepares order for Mix or Outsource modules.
  • Easily refill Rxs in a few steps.




  • Mix module assists compounding of allergenic extracts in your clinic or hospital.
  • Keeps track of inventory of stock vials.
  • Automatically record lot numbers.
  • Automatically determine and record beyond use dating (BUD).
  • Automatically print scannable labels for use in the shot clinic.
Order all of your mixing supplies from Edge Pharmaceuticals.




  • Outsource module makes ordering immunotherapy treatment sets quick and easy.
  • For clinics and hospitals not interested in compounding in-house you can outsource to Edge Pharma.
  • Eliminates USP 797 compliance issues.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • No need to maintain inventory of extracts used for compounding.
Let Edge Pharma compound your patient-specific immunotherapy treatment sets in our FDA-registered facility.




  • Barcoded vials prevent injection errors.
  • Injection module logs patient injections.
  • Set treatment plans and dosing rules for safer, consistent treatment.
  • Waiting room Kiosk with patient fingerprint sign-in.
  • Track patient injection history.
Order syringes from Edge Pharmaceuticals.




  • USP 797 compounding compliance module
  • Designed for clinic compounding
  • Checklist for Allergenic Extracts Compounding Area (AECA)
  • Tracking and reminders for compliance testing.
Edge Pharma, Xtract Solutions, and Edge Pharmaceuticals come together to offer a total package to reduce your regulatory burden and improve compliance within your practice.


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NoteMedical, DEA, or hospital pharmacy licenses will be required to order allergy immunotherapy vials online.


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