Metered Dose Bottles with Pump for SLIT


metered dose bottles with pump

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) treats allergies without the need for regular injections. Patients who want to avoid injections find this treatment effective and convenient, as they can self-administer the treatment from the comfort of their home.  As with allergy shots, SLIT works by changing the patient’s immune system and boosting tolerance to the allergen, thus reducing symptoms. SLIT can be administered by either tablets or drops under the tongue. In addition to providing empty metered dose bottles to allergy providers, Edge Pharma compounds finished patient-specific SLIT treatment.

Metered dosage bottles are 15 ml, and available in amber glass, blue glass, amber plastic, and white plastic. Each actuation of the pump dispenses 0.05 ml, ensuring a precise dose for patients.

Plastic squeeze bottles are available in 7.5 ml, 10 ml, and 15 ml.


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