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    Edge Expects Continued Strong Growth

    Serving thousands of hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics nationwide, Edge Pharma continues to rapidly grow. With product lines spanning 14 medical specialties, almost 100 standard products, a comprehensive suite of...

  • Safety and efficacy of intravesical alum for intractable hemorrhagic cystitis

    Click the link to read a Mayo Clinic study entitled, “Safety and Efficacy of Intravesical Alum for Intractable Hemorrhagic Cystitis: A Contemporary Evaluation.” This study identified patients given intravesical alum...

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    Colchester, Vermont

    Edge Pharma’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in historic Colchester, Vermont, in the picturesque Northwest corner of the state.

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    William Chatoff, CEO Edge Pharma

    Perseverance, along with a liberal dose of curiosity, seem to be driving influences in the career of Edge Pharma CEO William Chatoff, a licensed pharmacist and nuclear pharmacist.

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    503B Outsourcing

    In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s understandable that there is an increased focus on all aspects of our healthcare system – including patient care, providers, healthcare facilities, medicines,...