Edge Expects Continued Strong Growth

Published: April 28, 2020

edgepharma 500

Serving thousands of hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics nationwide, Edge Pharma continues to rapidly grow. With product lines spanning 14 medical specialties, almost 100 standard products, a comprehensive suite of allergy immunotherapy products and services, and over two dozen unique products in development, Edge expects continued strong growth.

In addition to compounding and software development, the Edge Pharmaceuticals distributor branch of the business provides new opportunities to not only produce compounded drugs through our 503B Outsourcing facility, but also develop and sell approved devices and commercial drug products. Through partnerships with a variety of drug and medical device manufacturers, Edge will be moving in a variety of non-traditional directions both away and parallel to 503B. Over the next several months we will be announcing these new opportunities and look forward to working with our customers to bring many exciting new solutions to providers across all of medicine.