LET Gel Initiative Effective in Urban Hospital

Published: May 24, 2021

LET Gel in Urban Hospital 601

A recent initiative to help a large urban pediatric emergency department handle the pain of lacerations had success that was both measurable and sustainable.  The background of the study states, “Well-managed pain is associated with faster recovery, fewer complications, and decreased use of resources. In children, pain relief is also associated with higher patient and parent satisfaction.”(1)

The initiative included a teaching session with providers and also an informational poster placed in the triage area. Researchers reviewed the charts of patients with scalp and facial lacerations for the month before the teaching session/poster placement, and the month afterwards. They also reviewed the charts one year after the initiative.

Prior to the initiative, 57.4% of patients received LET gel before repair, with the mean time to application 58.3 minutes. One month after the initiative, there was an increase in LET gel application by 20.1%. The mean time to application was 35.9 minutes. After a year, 82.4% of patients received LET gel before repair, and the mean time to application dropped to 27.8 minutes.(1)

For hospitals and providers, Edge Pharma offers LET Gel topical anesthetic, epinephrine 0.05% / lidocaine 4% / tetracaine 0.5%, in a 3mL syringe.


(1) Sherman, J. M.D., Shepperd, P. M.D., Pediatric Emergency Care, Let Us Use LET: A Quality Improvement Initiative, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/