The Salt City

Published: May 13, 2020

Erie Canal Museum 500

Edge Pharma’s sales, marketing, and customer service teams are headquartered in Syracuse, in the rolling hills of Central New York State, between the Finger Lakes and the Adirondack Mountains. The city’s moniker, “The Salt City,” comes from its first industry. Between 1797 and 1917 more than 11 million tons of salt were mined and produced in the area, making it the largest producer of salt in the nation.

Syracuse was a key hub on the Erie Canal, which opened in 1825 and ran through the center of the city. The canal’s Weighlock Building, where boats had their cargo weighed for passage on the waterway, is now the impressive Erie Canal Museum, which tells the story of the engineering and architectural marvel that opened the way to the West. While the canal closed for transport business in 1917, large portions remain an important draw for walkers, cyclists, and nature lovers.

Syracuse is home to Syracuse University, where 22,000 undergraduate and graduate students study each year, as well as LeMoyne College, a Jesuit institution.

Basketball fans visiting Syracuse might want to head downtown to see a replica of the 24-second shot clock, often credited with ending stalling tactics in basketball and saving the NBA. The shot clock was first used during an NBA scrimmage in Syracuse in 1954. Another one-of-a-kind site in Syracuse is a traffic light with green on top, the only one in the nation, located in the Irish section of the city called Tipperary Hill.