William Chatoff, CEO Edge Pharma

Published: April 8, 2020

Bill Chatoffj

Perseverance, along with a liberal dose of curiosity, seem to be driving influences in the career of Edge Pharma CEO William Chatoff, a licensed pharmacist and nuclear pharmacist.  After earning a bachelor’s degree in biology from Mercer University, Chatoff enrolled in the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. While in school, he worked part-time at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and saw a sign on a door that intrigued him --  “Nuclear Pharmacy.” Chatoff remembers he asked a number of people what a nuclear pharmacy is, without getting a satisfactory answer. Finally, he walked down the hall of the hospital and knocked on the door. He learned the role of a nuclear pharmacist (compounding radioactive isotopes for nuclear medicine procedures such as bone scans) and soon began working in the department, while still attending school. By then he was hooked. 

Chatoff began his career as a nuclear pharmacist with Syncor International, where he traveled extensively setting up new sites for the company and training pharmacists and scientists. He started his own company in the nuclear pharmacy world, PharmaLogic Holdings, which focused on producing and dispensing injectable radioactive pharmaceuticals to hospitals.  Under his leadership over the next 20 years, PharmaLogic opened sites in eight states, as well as in Puerto Rico and Quebec.

Federal laws regarding compounding pharmacies changed in 2013, with more stringent regulations and FDA oversight. Chatoff recognized an opportunity and had an idea.  “I said, I know a lot about compounding – I can do this,” he remembers. He founded Edge Pharma that same year. 

Now one of the leaders in 503B Outsourcing, Edge Pharma’s catalog includes almost 100 standard compounded sterile and nonsterile products for hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics throughout the United States. In addition, Edge has a large focus on the allergy market, with products including allergy immunotherapy supplies, allergy treatment set compounding, and even a complete allergy software suite, Xtract Immunotherapy Software, that manages every aspect of delivering allergy immunotherapy within a clinic setting.

When asked what the best part of his job is, Chatoff gets right to the point: “Learning about a problem, helping to figure out a solution, and then going on to find a solution to a new problem.”