Nasal Solutions 

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Edge Pharma is proud to be producing combination nasal solutions for ENT practices and other qualified practitioners.  Ever since the passing of the Drug Quality & Security Act in 2013, it has become increasingly more difficult for physicians to find a suitable supplier of combination nasal solutions which are available for purchase in bulk.  Local and State-licensed compounding pharmacies are no longer able to dispense compounded medications without individual patient scripts for each order.  As an FDA-Registered 503B outsourcing facility, Edge Pharma is able to dispense bottles of combination nasal solutions in bulk and without patient names for office-use.

The following nasal solutions are available from Edge in 480mL bottles:

  • Lidocaine 2%/Oxymetazoline 0.025%
  • Lidocaine 4%/Oxymetazoline 0.05%
  • Lidocaine 4%/Phenylephrine 1%
  • Phenylephrine 1%
  • Tetracaine 4%

*Please let us know if you require a customized solution.

There is no longer any reason for your practice to go without combination nasal solutions or for you to be compounding them in-office.  Let Edge Pharmacy Services provide a cost-effective solution developed and manufactured to cGMP standards in an FDA-Registered facility. 


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