USP 795 Nonsterile Compounding

As the 503B leader in USP 795 compliant nonsterile medications, Edge has an entire team devoted solely to these products. Nonsterile formulations from Edge include creams, ointments, gels, solutions, and capsules produced according to rigorous USP and CGMP standards. Our highly-trained technicians work under the direct supervision of PhD level scientists, pharmacists, and individuals with decades of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience. Each and every batch of product is tested for potency. Every product undergoes USP 51 antimicrobial effectiveness testing and/or USP 61/62 microbial enumeration testing.

503B Facilities are held to a high standard, with rigorous oversight and testing. Extensive product development determines an accurate beyond use date you can trust for each product. Each step of the process is overseen by validated technicians and produced in state-of-the-art nonsterile cleanrooms. Easy online account registration and knowledgeable customer service representatives who answer the phone make ordering from Edge Pharma effortless.

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