Helping You Achieve Success in Patient Care

Edge Pharmacy Holdings provides creative solutions to the healthcare community through innovative products, turnkey 503B outsourcing, wholesale distribution, software, and targeted pharmaceutical marketing. Physicians and specialists trust Edge Pharmacy Holdings for its pharmaceutical expertise,  knowledge of compliance regulations, and safe, tested, high-quality products.
Edge Pharmacy Holdings comprises four distinct entities:

  • Edge Pharma, an FDA-Registered and inspected 503B Outsourcing Facility
  • Xtract Solutions, a provider of software developed for allergy practices and immunotherapy providers
  • Edge Pharmaceuticals, a wholesale distributor specializing in allergy testing and immunotherapy supplies
  • CSP Marketing, a full-service marketing agency for companies offering pharmaceutical products and medical devices

Throughout each of our companies, we work behind the scenes, helping healthcare providers achieve success in patient care

Edge Pharma

Edge Pharma, an FDA registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, offers a broad range of high-quality sterile and nonsterile products for 12 medical specialties. Dedicated to providing turnkey 503B outsourcing, Edge Pharma also specializes in working closely with hospitals, surgery centers,  and clinics to provide solutions to compliance challenges.

Edge Pharmaceuticals

Edge Pharmaceuticals provides both manufactured and proprietary medical products for physician’s offices, clinics, and hospitals. Edge Pharmaceuticals specializes in allergenic immunotherapy supplies and offers a full portfolio of products, including extracts, diluents, vials, compliant labels, and skin testing and injection supplies.

Xtract Solutions

Xtract Solutions provides its industry-leading, cloud-based software to allergy clinics and hospitals. The software,  developed for allergy practices, helps improve both efficiency and patient safety. Six modules – Test, Prescribe, Mix, Outsource, Inject, and Comply – organize the practice from the point of initial skin testing through to successful completion of treatment.

CSP Marketing Group

CSP is a full-service marketing firm, dedicated to marketing pharmaceutical products and medical devices. CSP focuses on developing strategic plans to target prospective customers in the healthcare community. The firm offers website design, search engine optimization, online advertising, print advertising, graphic design and artwork, direct mail, logo design, technical and creative writing, project management, and analytics.

Control Your Cleanroom for Compliant Compounding

Edge Pharmacy Holdings offers a comprehensive compounding program for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians engaged in compounding sterile drug products within their organization. This 3-week course is focused on the physical requirements of compounding. The first two weeks will take place in our FDA-registered 503B Outsourcing Facility. During the final week, one of our experts will go to your facility to assist in the implementation of skills and protocols learned during the program. Continued access to our team of experts is available after completion of the program.

Our experts will take participants through the same training modules as our own production team. Areas of focus include:

  • Introducing materials into an ISO 7 area
  • Introducing materials in an ISO 5 area
  • Gowning protocol
  • Personal hygiene
  • Understanding first air
  • Designing and executing a media fill
  • How to conduct surface sampling
  • How to conduct viable and nonviable air sampling
  • How to conduct personnel plating (gloved fingertip, gown, etc)
  • What to do when you find a CFU
  • How to clean classified areas

To learn more about our consulting services call us at 802-992-1178 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or send us a message.

Program Curriculum

Week 1

Week 1 includes learning support activities that are critical to maintaining control of the cleanroom and completing gowning validation (must have gowning validation prior to beginning week 2).

Week 2

Week 2 takes place largely inside one of our cleanrooms.

Week 3

Week 3 takes place on site in your facility where one of our experts will aid in the implementation of principals which were taught in the course.

*Weeks do not have to be completed consecutively

Complete Allergy Immunotherapy Solution

Edge Pharmacy Holdings offers healthcare providers comprehensive allergy products and services at competitive prices. Why Edge Pharmacy Holdings? Because we offer practitioners everything required to care for allergy patients: testing supplies and equipment, extracts for immunotherapy treatment, patient treatment sets, easy outsourcing of compounded treatment vials, and a streamlined software program which tracks patients as they progress through immunotherapy.

New USP standards have made in-office compounding more complicated and time consuming. We help ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety. Our expert pharmacy staff specializes in preparing all kinds of immunotherapy formulations, utilizing a wide selection of extracts. We are the only FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility for compounded allergy treatment sets.

If you are considering making a change, look to Edge Pharmacy Holdings for your complete allergy solution.

Orders are delivered to your office promptly, and all of our products and services are supported by premier customer service. When you call us you will reach a knowledgeable professional who can help you with any concerns or questions.

Call our dedicated allergy specialists at 802-992-1178 or request a meeting using our contact form.

Free Analysis & Consultation

Our free consultation includes a deep analysis of the provider’s practice, and a customized proposal to meet each provider’s unique needs.

Allergy Prescription Named Patient Treatment Sets

Our expert staff has years of experience and specializes in compounding of allergy prescription named patient sets.

Allergy Immunotherapy Supplies

A wide variety of products and services, including testing, compounding, and injection supplies.

Allergy Immunotherapy Software

Xtract Allergy Immunotherapy Software comprises six integrated modules that organize your allergy clinic: Test, Prescribe, Mix, Outsource, Inject, and Comply.

After-Completion Support

Continued access to our team of experts is available after completion of the program.