I would like to open accounts for several different locations. Is this possible and how do I get started?

Yes, it is easy to set up multiple locations. First register for one location using our easy online form. This will get your contact information and organization into our system. Then email a list of the other locations (hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, etc) to sales@edgepharma.com. One of our salespeople will follow up with you to get your account and all locations activated. We will also require proper licenses for each location. For hospitals this is typically the pharmacy license and pharmacy’s DEA license. For surgery centers this is usually the medical and DEA licenses for the medical director. For clinics this is typically the medical and DEA licenses for the ordering doctor.

Is it possible for multiple people at our organization to have access to order online?

– Yes, this is very easy. Once your account is activated just send us an email to sales@edgepharma.com that has a list of the other individuals and their email addresses. These individuals will have their own login access and can be added to one or more of your organizations for ordering, reports, etc.

I need to setup a new hospital account, but I already have a username. I manage purchasing for multiple hospitals.

– If you already have an account with Edge Pharma, call us at 802-992-1178 or email us at sales@edgepharma.com so we can help you set up your other locations. Once set up, you will login as you normally do; however, now when you log into our online portal you will see a drop down that allows you to select the location you wish to order products for.

What types of testing do you do on your products?

– Edge products undergo extensive testing both during development and regular production. Depending on the specific product, this could include potency, sterility, endotoxin, visible particles, subvisible particles, pH, filter integrity, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, antimicrobial effectiveness, microbial enumeration, and container closure integrity.

We created an account with Edge, but we need Edge’s W-9 so we can add Edge to our vendor list and process payments. Who should I reach out to?

– Please call our main number at 802-992-1178 to speak with someone in customer service. Or email us at sales@edgepharma.com. We will email you a copy of Edge Pharma’s W-9.

Our facility is preparing for an inspection and requires a copy of Edge Pharma’s state license on file. How do we get a copy of this?

– For many states, the appropriate license is available on the state board of pharmacy website. You may also contact us at any time and we will be happy to get you a copy or provide you with the website link to download it.

We are interested in ordering products from Edge Pharma. Can you provide us with the Product ID Codes for these products?

– Please call or email us and we would be happy to give you Product ID Codes.

Is Beyond Use Dating (BUD) available for each batch of product I can order? I want to make sure we will not waste any doses.

– Yes, call or email us to speak with someone in customer service. They will be able to look up current BUDs for any products you are interested in ordering, as well as advise on future release dates.

Are you a licensed 503B Outsourcing Facility?

– There is not an official license to become a 503B; however, Edge Pharma is registered with the FDA as a 503B Outsourcing Facility. 503B registered facilities undergo rigorous FDA inspections to ensure USP and CGMP standards are met. Edge is currently licensed to ship to every US state except Virginia and Alabama.

I would like to speak with someone about Edge Pharma’s precautionary measures to reduce contamination.

– Current and prospective customers are welcome to schedule a site visit to tour our production facility in Colchester, Vermont. In addition, our expert quality and pharmacy teams are always available to answer any questions regarding our processes. Do not hesitate to call our main number and schedule a time to talk with our Operations Director, Quality Control Director, or Quality Assurance Director.

We offer responsive service as we assist you with a wide variety of medication, supply, and software solutions. It is our goal to create an experience that is always personable and as effortless as possible. Please call us at 802-992-1178, or send us a message to request more information.