Quality Assurance and Control

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, Quality is not just the most important thing – Quality is everything.

At Edge Pharma we are committed to ensuring that our products are manufactured in compliance with all State and Federal regulations, USP, and Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Edge’s multi-pronged approach to Quality includes Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments who oversee state of the art chemistry and microbiology labs. Our environmental controls meet or exceed international pharmaceutical manufacturing standards for temperature, humidity, and sterility. We follow precise sterile work preparation procedures and enforce strict personnel gowning rules.

Edge Pharma adheres to the values put forth by USP 795, 797, 800, and CGMP. Through this our customers have the confidence in us to deliver medications they feel comfortable administering, whether in a physician’s office or an operating room. In October 2019, Edge Pharma received Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors accreditation. The VAWD program began to help eliminate counterfeit drugs from the supply chain within the U.S. and is now recognized across the country as one of the premier pharmaceutical supplier designations.

Modern equipment, full time staff scientists, and rigorous testing combine to enable us to provide customers products that are safe, consistent, and effective.

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