About Edge Phama

Edge Pharma produces innovative pharmaceutical products for hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics across 12 specialties. Founded in 2013, Edge Pharma has grown to be one of the leading 503B Outsourcing suppliers in the United States. The unique nature of our business, both in terms of product breadth and knowledge base, makes us a great partner for every medical institution.

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Our Products

Like our tagline says, we develop creative products by listening to the compliance challenges of our customers. Each member of our staff undergoes rigorous training through skills certification, competency evaluations, and on-going education for QA, QC, Product Testing, Validation Testing, and Environmental Monitoring.

But this is only the beginning. What sets Edge apart is our ability to rapidly tackle challenging compounding issues within healthcare, going quickly from concept to nationwide delivery of innovative solutions.

One example of this is our patent pending Mitomycin Bladder Instillation Kit, which solves a USP 800 hazardous compounding issue facing nearly all urology clinics and a large percentage of hospitals.

Another example is our EmGyn™ Kit, which solves a similar issue in hospital emergency departments and OB/GYN clinics.

Customer Service

When customers call our main line they reach a knowledgeable salesperson with immediate access to PhD level scientists, engineers, pharmacists, and experienced quality personnel.

After registering for an account, new customers are assigned a dedicated regional sales manager, who will be available any time to help.

Edge has after-hours support for emergency customer needs.


Our facility is readily accessible for inspection and production monitoring by hospital, surgery center, and clinic customers. Customized formulation, delivery systems, and labeling goes beyond industry standards to respond to the needs of your institution. Fast order processing reduces drug shortages and eliminates the need to stockpile high-value drug inventories.

At Edge Pharma we aim for an experience as unique as many of our products. After exploring our website, register for an account, submit an inquiry through our contact form, or simply call us to learn how we can help solve a few of the challenges in your organization.