Vancomycin Oral Solution


vancomycin oral solution web Edge Pharma produces unit dose oral vancomycin solution for use in hospitals. Because it is imperative for all acute care facilities to keep a stock of oral vancomycin on hand, our prefilled, unit dose oral syringes provide an excellent solution. Designed specifically for oral administration, this product is available in a convenient dosage of 125mg.

Our raspberry marshmallow flavor masks the inherent bitterness of antibiotics in order to make it palatable to patients.

Vancomycin Oral Solution (PF)

2.5mL single dose syringe for oral use only

  • Vancomycin HCl 125mg/2.5mL
  • Refrigerated storage



Johnson, S. PharmD, Brown, S., Priest, D. M.D., MPH, Oxford University Press, The Effectiveness of Oral Vancomycin for Prevention of Healthcare Facility-Onset Clostridiodes Difficile in Targeted Patients During Systemic Antibiotic Exposure,

“Oral vancomycin prophylaxis appears to protect against Healthcare Facility-Onset Clostridiodes difficile infection in targeted patients during systemic antibiotic exposure.”


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