Prefilled Succinylcholine Syringes


Succinylcholine chloride 140mg


Prefilled O.R. anesthesia syringes are an excellent solution enabling your facility to reduce waste and improve efficiency.  Edge Pharma provides the added comfort of knowing that your compounded outsourced medications are being produced in a CGMP compliant facility where every batch completes potency, endotoxin, and 14-day sterility testing prior to release.


Succinylcholine Chloride 

Storage: room temperature

  • Succinylcholine Unit Dose Syringe - 20 mg/mL in 5 mL
  • Succinylcholine Unit Dose Syringe - 20 mg/mL in 7 mL


Literature Review


Succinylcholine and Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI)

Emergency clinicians managing unstable patients must first secure the airway, generally using rapid sequence intubation (RSI).(1) “RSI incorporates a rapidly acting sedative agent (i.e. induction) agent, in addition to a neuromuscular (paralytic) agent, to create optimal intubating conditions.”(1) The most well-known depolarizing neuromuscular block is succinylcholine.(2) “Due to its rapid onset and short mechanism of action, it is the drug of choice in emergencies where immediate airway management is required.”(3) The drug’s use can expedite intubation, aid in mechanical ventilation, and help facilitate procedures.(3)

A Cochrane review compared the effectiveness of succinylcholine with another muscle relaxant, rocuronium. The review included a database search of 54 studies, including 4151 participants.(4) The minimum dose of rocuronium was 0.6mg/kg, and the minimum dose of succinylcholine was 1mg/kg.(4)

Among the published key results: “We have found that rocuronium is slightly less effective than succinylcholine for creating excellent and acceptable intubation conditions. Rocuronium should therefore only be used as an alternative to succinylcholine when it is known that succinylcholine should not be used and a more prolonged intubation is expected.”(4) 

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