Methacholine Challenge Test Kit


Ready-To-Adminsiter Methacholine Challenge Test


The Edge Methacholine Challenge Test Kit comes as a pre-filled ready-to-administer set of 5 sterile solutions comprised of the following concentrations. Now with 90-Day BUD refrigerated storage.

Reduce Errors

  • Prefilled, color coded, barcoded unit dose syringes are simple, safe, and convenient to use
  • No compounding or dilutions necessary in the Pharmacy or by a respiratory therapist
  • No more mislabeled or unlabeled syringes.


Reduce Risks

  • Every Methacholine Challenge Kit batch undergoes rigorous validation testing to verify the contents of each syringe: Sterility, Potency, Endotoxin.


Reduce Waste

  • Standard validation testing extends refrigerated Beyond Use Dating (BUD), virtually eliminating wasted doses.

Methacholine Challenge Test Kit Concentrations (3 mL per Syringe)

16 mg/ml
4 mg/ml
1 mg/ml
0.25 mg/ml
0.062 mg/ml


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