Sterile Concentrated Alum Solution


sterile concentrated alum solution 600


Alum bladder irrigation bag preparation is a challenge for many hospital pharmacies. Edge Pharma is excited to announce a solution that eliminates nonsterile to sterile compounding of this medication. Edge’s sterile concentrated alum solution will be available starting in January and comprises a 30g/300mL sterile aluminum potassium sulfate solution. Our alum solution is designed for sterile-to-sterile compounding, and only requires dilution to create a 30g/3000mL bladder irrigation bag. With many hospitals trying to eliminate nonsterile to sterile compounding, Edge’s sterile concentrated alum solution makes preparation substantially easier.


Sterile Concentrated Alum Solution Features

  • Aluminum Potassium Sulfate 30g/300mL bag
  • Concentrated for sterile-to-sterile compounding
  • Dilute to create 30g/3000mL bladder irrigation bag


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